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6. We're Back! — With Poets, Artists, Cooks, and Community Organizers

6. We're Back! — With Poets, Artists, Cooks, and Community Organizers

We’re back!

I’m super-excited about the new series of shows we’ve been recording over the past year here at the Chrysalis podcast.

The new series focus on poets, artists, cooks, and community organizers, and we’ll be releasing them alongside more of our original Conversations series that spans a wide range of environmental thought and storytelling—engaging the climate crisis as a cultural crisis.

I interviewed Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, Forrest Gander, and here’s how he described what we’re doing with the podcast:

“A chorus of not just scientists and biologists but a chorus of artists and priests and poets, and that’s what you’ve been doing is putting together this other chorus of responses to our crisis. And I think it’s going to take the voices of a lot of people from a lot of different trajectories to effect any kind of change.”

I completely agree.

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